2019 Winter Semi Finals This Saturday

The 2019 WDNA Winter Season Finals Series starts this Saturday, July 27, 2019.

Each week, 20 teams represent The Malvern Netball Club. Of these, 14 play for points and ladder position.

11 of these teams have qualified to play in the finals.

Teams finishing first or second will play in the second semi final. The winners of these games go through to the grand final. The losers will play the winner of the first semi finals, played between third and fourth.

Malvern Chaos, Junior 24, finished 4th on the ladder

Malvern Hazards, Junior 22, 3rd

Malvern Havoc, Junior 20, 1st

Malvern Thunder, Junior 16, 2nd

Malvern Twisters, Junior 14, 2nd

Malvern Scorchers, Junior 13, 2nd

Malvern Sandstorm, Junior 9, 1st

Malvern Blaze, Junior 5, 2nd

Malvern Lightning, Junior 3, 1st

Malvern Waves, Junior 2, 2nd

Malvern Tremors, Open 2, 3rd.

Good luck to all of these teams on Saturday!

2019 Winter Semi Final Results - Preliminary Finals this Saturday

The results of last Saturday's Semi Finals......

Malvern Chaos, Junior 24, played in the first semi final. Chaos led Sacre Coeur Meteors 5-3 at half time and ran out winners 9 to 6. Chaos will play in the preliminary final this Saturday, August 3.

Malvern Hazards, Junior 22, played in the first semi against Camberwell Dynamites. Hazards were down 11 to 13 at half time, before losing 16 to 21. Hazards will now look to the Spring Season.

Malvern Havoc, Junior 20, played Mount Waverley Thunder in the second semi final. Mount Waverley won 22 to 12, and Havoc will play this Saturday in the Preliminary Final.

Malvern Thunder, Junior 16, played St Mary's Stars in the Second Semi. The Stars led 9 to 4 at half time before running out winners 19 to 9. Thunder will play in the Preminary Final.

Malvern Twisters, Junior 14, played Essex Heights Hummingbirds. Twisters were down 8 to 9 at half time. The final score was Essex Heights 24 Twisters 15. Twisters will play in this week's Preliminary Final

Malvern Scorchers, Junior 13, lost 11 to 29 to St Cecilia's Comets, having trailed 9 to 16 at half time. They will play in the Preminary Final.

Malvern Sandstorm, Junior 9, played Ashburton Phoenix in the Second Semi and led 13 to 11 at half time. Sandstorm went on to win by the barest of margins, 20 to 19, and will play in the Grand Final on August 10.

Malvern Blaze, Junior 5, were down 7 to 14 at half time in their Second Semi against Lloyd Street Legends. They were defeated 14 to 24 and will play in this week's Preliminary Final.

Malvern Lightning, Junior 3, were down 11 to 13 at half time in their Second Semi against Korowa Thunder. A very strong second half by Lightning saw them run out winners 32 to 20, and they move on to the Grand Final.

Malvern Waves, Junior 2, lead all day agains Ashwood Caracals. They won 28 to 23 and will play in the Grand Final.

Malvern Tremors, Open 2, played Hartwell Swans in the First Semi. They led 20 to 10 at half time, and 43 to 22 at the final siren. Tremors move on to this Saturday's Preliminary Final.

Good luck to all the Malvern teams as they progress through the Finals Series!

2019 Winter Grand Finals This Saturday - Seven Malvern teams will be competing!

This Saturday's Grand Finals will see seven Malvern teams playing off for premierships. Here are the results from last Saturday's preliminary finals.

Malvern Chaos, Junior 24, played Korowa Suns. Chaos were down 3 to 4 at quarter time but rallied to run out winners 18 to 11. Chaos will play in their first ever Grand Final this Saturday against Surrey Park Avalanches.

Malvern Havoc, Junior 20, played Mt Waverley North Missiles. Havoc lead 11 to 5 at half time. The final score was Havoc 23 Mt Waverley North 9. Havoc will play in their first Grand Final this Saturday against Mt Waverley Thunder.

Malvern Thunder, Junior 16, played Camberwell Gems. Thunder led 15 to 4 at half time and 30 to 11 at full time.They will play St Mary's Stars in the Grand Final.

Malvern Twisters, Junior 14, played St Roch's Rebounders. Twisters were up 14 to 12 at half time and ran out winners 31 to 22. Twisters will play Essex Heights Hummingbirds in Twisters first Grand Final.

Malvern Scorchers, Junior 13, played PLC Magic. Scorchers trailed 11 to 14 at half time before going down 19 to 24. Scorchers will play next in the Spring Season.

Malvern Blaze, Junior 5F, played St Michael's Vixens. Vixens started well and led 9 to 4 at quarter time. Blaze rallied at various stages but were unable to bridge the gap. Final score Vixens 26 Blaze 18.

Malvern Tremors, Open 2F, played Holy Family Opals. Scores were level at 5-5 at quarter time. Opals led 15 to 9 at the half. A second half resurgence from Tremors narrowed to the gap to a final score of Opals 22 Tremors 19.Tremors will be taking the Spring Season off.

On top of the four Preliminary Final winning teams we have the three Second Semi Final winners in Grand Finals this Saturday. So, in total, we have seven teams playing in WDNA Grand Finals this week....

Malvern Chaos, Junior 24

Malvern Havoc, Junior 20

Malvern Thunder, Junior 16

Malvern Twisters, Junior 14

Malvern Sandstorm, Junior 9

Malvern Lightning, Junior 3

Malvern Waves, Junior 2

Good luck to all of these teams.

Go Malvern!

2019 Winter Season Concludes-Malvern Teams Win Four Premierships!

Winter Grand Final day 2019 , August 10, was a trying day. Very cold, wet and windy, and miraculously no games were shortened by weather.

Junior 24 u/13 Malvern Chaos 13 d Surrey Park Avalanches 11

Malvern Chaos - WDNA Junior 24 Winter 2019 Premiers

Chaos were playing in their first season for points, and thus, this was their first Grand Final. They finished fourth on the ladder at the end of the home and away season so had done well to progress this far. Scores were level at 2-2 at quarter time. Chaos led 7-4 at half time, and 8-5 at three quarter time. Avalanches narrowed the gap in the final quarter, Chaos running out premiers 13 to 11.

Junior 20 u/13 Malvern Havoc 27 d Mt Waverley Thunder 15

Malvern Havoc - WDNA Junior 20 Winter Premiers 2019

This was also Havoc’s first Grand Final. Two weeks earlier, Mt Waverley Thunder had defeated Havoc 22 to 12 in the Second Semi Final. Havoc were determined to turn the tables and they dominated the match, leading 7-5, 13-9, 19-13 at each of the breaks, before prevailing 27- 15.

Junior 16 u13 Malvern Thunder 17 d by St Mary’s Stars 19 in double extra time.

Thunder had finished 2nd on the ladder and lost to St Mary’s in the second semi final. The weather was at it’s most wet and nasty for their 12 noon game. Thunder led 5-3, 7-6, 13-9 at the quarter breaks. St Mary’s played a dominant last quarter and the score at full time was 16-16. Two three minute halves of extra time followed, the teams still being locked together at 17-17. The game would then be decided when one team was two goals in front, and that team turned out to be St Mary’s Stars, who won 19-17. Well done to the 7 girls who represented Malvern Thunder so brilliantly.

Junior 14 Malvern Twisters 26 d Essex Heights Hummingbirds 11.

Malvern Twisters - WDNA Junior 14 Winter 2019 Premiers

Twisters finished second on the ladder, and lost to Essex Heights 15-24 in the Second Semi Final. They won their Prelimary Final, defeating St Roch’s Rebounders 31-22. The Grand Final was the first that Twisters had played in. Twister started slowly and trailed 4-5 at quarter time. A six goals to nil second quarter saw Twister lead at half time 10-6. They dominated the second half before running out winners 26-11.

Junior 9 Malvern Sandstorm u/15 14 lost to Sacre Coeur Thunder 17

Malvern Sandstorm - WDNA Junior 9 Winter 2019 Runners up

Sandstorm had had a tremendous season, finishing with 11 wins and one draw.

They won their Second Semi against Ashburton Phoenix but came up against Sacre Coeur Thunder in the Grand Final. Both games between these two teams had been close in the regular season. Scores were level 5-5 at quarter time, Sac lead 9-8 at half time and 13-10 at ¾ time before running out winners 17-14.

Junior 3 Malvern Lightning u/15 22 lost to Korowa Thunder 26 in extra time.

Lightning had started the season in Junior 4 but were promoted to Junior 3 mid season. This was to be the third time in three games that they had played Korowa, having played them in the last game of the regular season and in the Second Semi Final. The Grand Final was close all day, with the scores being 6-6 at quarter time, Thunder leading 12-11 at the half and 18-15 at ¾ time. A great final quarter by Lightning saw them tie the game at the final siren. Unfortunately Korowa were dominant in the two periods of extra time and ran out winners 26-22.

Junior 2 Malvern Waves u/17 36 d South East Stars 21

Malvern Waves - WDNA Junior 2 Winter 2019 Premiers

Waves had had a very strong season, losing only to a team that would go on to be premiers in Junior 1 . The scores were level at 5-5 at quarter time, Waves lead 13-10 at half time. A strong second half by Waves saw them run out premiers 36 to 21.

Congratulations to all players who represented Malvern in Winter 2019.

Malvern Lightning - WDNA Junior 3 Winter 2019 Runners up

WDNA 2019 Spring Grand Finals

The 2019 WDNA Spring Grand Finals will be contested this Saturday, December 7, 2019

Six Malvern teams have won their way through.

Junior 28 - Malvern Chaos, having finished on top of the ladder, progressed straight through to the Grand Final

Junior 22 - Malvern Havoc also finished on top

Junior 13 - Malvern Scorchers defeated St Cecilia's Comets 26 to 11 in last week's Semi Final to win their way through to the Grand Final

Junior 11 - Malvern Whirlwinds defeated Mt Waverley Nth Meerkats 37 to 18 in last week's Semi

Junior 7 - Malvern Cyclones defeated St Benedicts Emeralds 39 to 16 in the Semi Final

Junior 3 - Malvern Lightning finished on top of their ladder and went straight through to their Grand Final

Here's hoping for a great day of netball on Saturday, and good luck to all these Malvern teams!

Go Malvern!

Spring Grand Finals - Malvern Teams Win 2 Premierships, 4 Teams are Runners-up

12 Dec 2019

2019 WDNA Spring Grand Finals day was a fine, cool December day. Six Malvern teams were competing.

Junior 28

Malvern Chaos d Camberwell Dynamites 4-1,6-3,8-8,11-11, 13-12(extra time)

Malvern Chaos WDNA Junior 28 Spring 2019 Premiers

Chaos led 6-3 at half time, but a second half resurgence from the Dynamites saw the scores tied at 11-11 at full time. Extra time was then played with Chaos running out winners by one. Chaos had won both the Winter and Spring flags.

Junior 22

Malvern Havoc d Mt Waverley Thunder 4-4,11-7,20-10, 27-15

Malvern Havoc - WDNA Junior 22 Spring 2019 Premiers

Havoc had had an undefeated season. They led 11-7 at half time, and a 16 goals to 8 second half saw them run out winners by 12. Havoc, too, had won premierships in both Winter and Spring. Coincidentally, they played the same opponent in each Grand Final, and the scores were identical!

Junior 13

Malvern Scorchers were defeated by St Cecilia's Comets 2-12, 8-18, 13-27, 19-35

Scorchers came up against a strong Comets team, who started brilliantly and were never headed.

Junior 11

Malvern Whirlwinds were defeated by PLC Force 4-9,8-20,14-25, 19-32

Malvern Whirlwinds - WDNA Junior 11 Spring 2019 Runners up

Whirlwinds had finished third on the ladder, and did well to make the Grand Final. Their second half was very competitive, but unfortunately the damage had been done by half time.

Junior 7

Malvern Cyclones were defeated by St Michael's Gems 4-9,5-15,10-23, 14-29

Malvern Cyclones - WDNA Junior 7 Spring 2019 Runners up

The only team that had beaten Cyclones during the home and away season was St Michael's Gems, twice. Gems had had an unbeaten season, and their form carried through to Grand Final day.

Junior 3

Malvern Lightning were defeated by Korowa Thunder 5-8,11-13,17-19, 24-25

Malvern Lightning - WDNA Junior 3 Spring 2019 Runners up

These two teams had played an extremely close Grand Final in the winter season, with Korowa winning in extra time. Their games played in the Spring season went one each way. Thunder started well, and led at each change. The final quarter was a tense struggle, with Lightning gaining the lead late in the term. Two late goals by Thunder saw them run out winners by the most slender of margins.

Well done to all the teams that represented Malvern over the 2019 seasons.