2018 Winter Season Finals start Saturday August 11 !

The WDNA 2018 Winter Finals Series takes place over the next two Saturdays.

8 Malvern teams have won their way to the finals and will play this Saturday in the semi finals.

1st plays 4th and 2nd plays 3rd, with the winners playing off in the Grand Finals on August 25.

Malvern Tremors Junior 1 finished 4th and play at 1.15pm

Malvern Waves Junior 2 finished 3rd and play at 1.15pm

Malvern Lightning Junior 9 finished 1st and play at 2.30pm

Malvern Blaze Junior 10 finished 4th and play at 2.30pm

Malvern Sandstorm Junior 14 finished 4th and play at 12 noon

Malvern Thunder Junior 21 finished 2nd and play at 10.50am

Malvern Scorchers Junior 21 finished 1st and play at 10.50am

Malvern Icebergs Junior 22 finished 4th and play at 10.50am

Good luck to all of these teams.

Go Malvern!

Four Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday, August 25, 2018

Four Malvern teams play off in WDNA Grand Finals this Saturday, August 25.

Malvern Scorchers and Malvern Thunder play off in the Junior 21 Grand Final at 10.50am.

Malvern Waves, Junior 2, play at 1.15pm.

Malvern Lightning, Junior 9, play at 2.30pm.

Good luck to all these Malvern Teams!

2018 Winter Grand Finals -Two Malvern Teams Are Premiers

The WDNA Winter Grand Finals were held on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Four Malvern teams played and the results were......

Junior 21

Malvern Scorchers 22 d Malvern Thunder 13.

Unfortunately two of our teams had to play off in the Junior 21 Grand Final

The score at half time was Scorchers 10 Thunder 5.

Congratulations to both teams on being Grand Finalists

Malvern Scorchers (yellow bibs) and Malvern Thunder, Junior 21 Grand Finalists

Junior 9

Malvern Lightning 33 d Ashburton Lightning 21

In the battle of the Lightning, Malvern lead Ashburton 18 to 7 at half time, before running out winners by 12.

Malvern Lightning WDNA Junior 9 Spring 2018 Premiers

Junior 2

Malvern Waves had won their way into the Grand Final with an exciting 24 to 22 win over Ashwood Tigers in the Semi Final.

They came up against a strong Sacre Coeur Stars in the Grand Final and trailed 9 to 17 at half time.

Sacre Coeur ran out winners 32 to 22.

It was the first time Waves had not been Winter premiers, having won the previous 4 years.

Congratulations to all players who represented Malvern over the 2018 Winter Season.

Go Malvern!

2018 WDNA Spring Grand Finals Are Contested This Saturday, December 15

Malvern Scorchers, Junior 21, having won their semi final last week, play at 12 noon.

Malvern Sandstorm, Junior 15, play at 12 noon.

Malvern Lightning, Junior 8, play at 2.30pm.

Good luck to each of these teams.

Go Malvern!more

Malvern Scorchers, Sandstorm & Lightning are all Premiers!

The WDNA Spring Grand Finals were played on Saturday, December 15 in humid, stormy conditions.

Three Malvern teams were playing, and all three were successful on the day.

Junior 21

Malvern Scorchers 4 10 14 16

PLC Magic 6 9 12 14

PLC Magic had finished on top of the ladder and Scorchers had won through to the Grand Final via the Semi Final the week before. Scorchers were behind by 2 goals at quarter time, but a 6 goals to 3 second quarter saw them lead by one at half time. The game was close all day before Scorchers ran out winners by 2.

Malvern Scorchers - WDNA Junior 21 Spring 2018 Premiers

Junior 15

Malvern Sandstorm 6 13 20 26

Sacre Coeur Thunder 4 7 14 22

Malvern Sandstorm and Sacre Coeur Thunder each had a 9 and 1 record in the home and away season. In their only meeting, Thunder beat Sandstorm 20 to 17 in round 7. Sandstorm had finished on top, going straight through to the grand final. Sacre Coeur had won their semi to qualify.

Sandstorm led by 2 at quarter time and 6 at half time. The lead was narrowed at times during the second half, but Sandstorm prevailed by 4 at the final siren.

Malvern Sandstorm - WDNA Junior 15 Spring 2018 Premiers

Junior 8

Malvern Lightning 11 21 33 41

Meerkats 1 7 11 20 30

Meerkats had defeated Lightning in the last round of the home and away season. This was Lightning's only loss for the season. The Grand Final was a very high standard game with a total of 71 goals being scored. Lightning defended brilliantly and moved the ball in an often spectacular fashion. They were never headed and were thoroughly deserving premiers.

Malvern Lightning - WDNA Junior 8 Spring 2018 Premiers

Well done to all the players who represented the Malvern Netball Club in 2018.

See you all next year!