2016 Winter Finals

Finals Time. 13 Malvern Teams To Contest Finals!

13 Malvern Teams have finished in the final four and will be playing in Semi Finals this Saturday, July 30.

The teams that have made the finals are

Malvern Cyclones u13/1 finished 4th on the ladder

Malvern Blaze u13/6 2nd

Malvern Lightning u13/7 2nd

Malvern Tremors u15/1 2nd

Malvern Waves u15/2 2nd

Malvern Snowflakes u15/4 4th

Malvern Gales u17/1 4th

Malvern Avalanches u17/3 1st

Malvern Flames u17/5 2nd

Malvern Tornadoes u17/5 3rd

Malvern Frostbites u17/6 2nd

Malvern Glaciers Open 4 1st

Malvern Hurricanes Open 4 2nd

The teams that have finished first or second play this week in Second Semi Finals, with the winners of these games progressing to the Grand Final, the losers moving on to the Preliminary Final.

The teams that have finished third or fourth will play in First Semi Finals. The winner of these games will progress to the Preliminary Final, with the loser bowing out.

Go Malvern!

2016 Winter Grand Finals Fixture

Grand Finals This Saturday. Eight Malvern Teams Will Be Playing!

Eight Malvern teams have made this week's WDNA Grand Finals, Saturday August 13.

Playing are

Lightning u13/7 at 10.50am

Blaze u13/6 at 12 noon

Tremors u15/1 at 1.15pm

Waves u15/2 at 1.15pm

Flames u17/5 at 2.30pm

Frostbites u17/6 at 3.45pm

Avalanches u17/3 at 3.45pm

Glaciers Open 4 at 3.45pm

The matches are played at the WDNA courts in Ashwood.


Go Malvern!

2016 Winter Grand Finals Results

Malvern Teams Win 4 Premierships

13th August 2016

Malvern Lightning u13/7 20 d Hartwell Flamingoes 6

Malvern Lightning is an team of under 11 players who played the season in an under 13 competition.This was the team's first opportunity to participate in a finals series. Lightning won the Second Semi Final and lead all day in the Grand Final, restricting Hartwell Flamingoes to only one goal in the second half.

Malvern Blaze u13/6 23 d Ashburton Thunder 13

Malvern Blaze finished second on the ladder, lost the Second Semi Final to Ashburton Thunder, but were able to turn the tables on Grand Final Day in fine style.

Malvern Lightning u13/7 Winter 2016 Premiers

Malvern Blaze - WDNA u13/6 Winter 2016 Premiers

Malvern Waves - WDNA u15/2 Winter 2016 Premiers

Malvern Waves u15/2 31 d Surrey Park Hurricanes 30 in extra time

Waves finished the season second on the ladder, won the second semi and played a tall Surrey Park team on Grand Final day. Waves were in front 15 to 9 at half time, but Surrey lifted in the second half and the scores at full time were 26-26. Extra time was called for. The scores were locked at 29-29 at half time in extra time, but with a goal scored with 15 seconds to go, Waves ran out winners 31 to 30 in a most exciting encounter.

Malvern Tremors - WDNA u15/1 Winter 2016 Premiers

Malvern Tremors u15/1 16 d South East Superstars 14

Tremors had a great season, finishing second. They lost the Second Semi Final to South East, but won the preliminary final to set up a rematch. Tremors led a very strong SE side 10 to 5 at half time and ran out winners 16 to 13. Malvern were premiers in both of the two top sections of under 15.

Malvern Tremors and Malvern Waves

Malvern Flames u17/5 26 lost to St Michael's Strikers 29

Flames finished second on the ladder and came up against an undefeated St Michael's Strikers in the Grand Final. Flames lead for a good portion of the match but the strength of the St Michael's team came to the fore in the last quarter. This was another high standard, exciting game of netball.

Malvern Frostbites u17/6 10 lost to Ashwood Alleycats 20

Frosbites had a great season and came up against the form team of the section in the Grand Final

Malvern Avalanches u17/3 went down by 8 goals

Malvern Glaciers Open 4 lost to Korowa Kats

Congratulations to all Premiership Players, and well done to all Malvern Players who represented the club during Winter 2016!

2016 Spring Grand Final Results

Seven Malvern Teams Play Off In Spring Grand Finals

Seven Malvern teams had won their way to the WDNA Spring Grand Finals played on Saturday December 10 2016.

Malvern Heat u13/8 13 lost to St Cecilia's Meteors 19

Heat had won their way through to the Grand Final having won a thriller the previous week by one goal.

They were behind 8-0 halfway through the second quarter, but fought back to go down by 6.

Malvern Lightning u13/5 12 lost to St Dominic's Tigers 13

Lightning had had an undefeated season and lead 12-7 at 3/4 time in the Grand Final.

A strong last quarter from St Dom's and some disruption due to injuries saw Lightning headed in the last minute, losing the game by 1 goal.

Malvern Lightning - WDNA Spring 2016 u13/5 Runners up

Malvern Storm u15/3 16 lost to Ashburton Flames 29

Storm finished on top of the ladder and went straight through to the Grand Final. They trailed by 7 at half time, eventually losing by 13.

Malvern Frostbites u17/5 8 lost to Hartwell Puffins 24

In a closely contested section, Frostbites finished on top of the ladder. They came up against a very strong Hartwell team, and were 9 behind at half time.

Malvern Frostbites - WDNA Spring 2016 u17/5 Runners up

Malvern Tornadoes u17/6 23 lost to St Michael's Strikers 28

At quarter time Tornadoes were down 0-9. It was a long road back from there. A great fightback saw them get to within 1 of the lead in the last quarter, but St Michael's held on to win by 5.

Malvern Tornadoes - WDNA Spring 2016 u17/6 Runners up

Malvern Avalanches u17/2 15 lost to Hartwell Swans 26

Hartwell Swans had been the stand-out team of the section. Avalanches were down 8-12 at half time, the final score being 15 to 26.

Malvern Avalanches - WDNA Spring 2016 u17/2 Runners up

Malvern Hurricanes Open 4 36 d Korowa Kats 22

The Kats finished 2 games clear on top of the ladder. Hurricanes lead 16-11 at half time. In a very high standard game they eventually ran out winners, and premiers, by 14 goals.

Malvern Hurricanes - WDNA Spring 2016 Open 4 Premiers

Congratulations to all Malvern Players whose teams played in Grand Finals, and well done to all Malvern Players who represented Malvern during 2016.

See you in 2017!