2015 Winter Home and Away

Half Way! Round 7, Winter 2015 Update

At the half way mark of the winter season, Malvern has 11 of a possible 14 teams in the top four, and looking to play finals.

The 6 u/11 teams do not have a finals series or a ladder, and all of these teams are progressing nicely, and having a great deal of fun.

Of the teams that play in sections that have ladders, and a final series, the following is a summary....

Waves u/13 1 are 1st on the ladder

Snowflakes u/13 1 are 4th

Cyclones u/13 6 2nd

Whirlwinds u/13 6 3rd

Flames u/15 1 8th

Avalanches u/15 2 2nd

Tremors u/15 3 1st

Storm u/15 4 1st

Hailstones u/15 7 7th

Glaciers u/17 2 2nd

Gales u/17 3 2nd

Thunder u/17 5 1st

Hurricanes u/19 1 2nd

Breakers Open 1 7th

Good luck to all 20 Malvern teams for the rest of the season.

Go Malvern!

2015 Winter Finals Series

11 Malvern Teams In Finals This Saturday!

20 Malvern teams play each Saturday in the WDNA.

6 of these, the Under 11 teams play in competitions that have no finals.

Of the other 14 teams, 11 have made the final four and will be playing in finals this Saturday August 2nd

The teams that have made the finals are....

Malvern Waves u13/1 finished 1st on the ladder

Malvern Snowflakes u13/1 4th

Malvern Cyclones u13/6 2nd

Malvern Whirlwinds u13/6 3rd

Malvern Avalanches u15/2 3rd

Malvern Tremors u15/3 1st

Malvern Storm u15/4 1st

Malvern Glaciers u17/2 1st

Malvern Gales u17/3 2nd

Malvern Thunder u17/5 1st

Malvern Hurricanes u19/1 2nd

The teams that have finished first or second play this week in Second Semi Finals, with the winners of these games progressing to the Grand Final, the losers moving on to the Preliminary Final.

The teams that have finished third or fourth will play in First Semi Finals. The winner of these games will progress to the Preliminary Final, with the loser bowing out.

Each of our teams would welcome any support that may be offered.

Go Malvern!

2015 Winter Grand Finals Fixture

Nine Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday!

Nine Malvern teams have made this week's WDNA Grand Finals, Saturday August 15.

Playing in Grand Finals are

Cyclones u/13 6 at 10.50am

Waves u/13 1 at 12 noon

Storm u/15 4 at 12 noon

Tremors u/15 3 at 1.15pm

Avalanches u/15 2 at 1.15pm

Thunder u/17 5 at 1.15pm

Gales u/17 3 at 2.30pm

Glaciers u/17 2 at 2.30pm

Hurricanes u/19 1 at 2.30pm

The games are played at the WDNA courts in Ashwood. http://www.wdna.com.au/

Your support of these teams would be most welcome.

Go Malvern!

2015 Winter Grand Final Results

Malvern Teams Win 6 Premierships!

15th August 2015

Malvern Cyclones u13/6 24 lost to PLC Tigers 26

This was the first season in which Cyclones were able to play finals. Finiishing second on the ladder, they defeated Malvern Whirlwinds in the Preliminary Final to qualify for the Grand Final.The match was a close one with the teams never being separated by more than 4 goals. Cyclones got to within 1 goal in the final quarter, but ran out of time, the final siren seeing them go down by 2 goals.

Malvern Waves u13/1 24 d St Mary's Fireworks 21

Waves finished on top of the ladder, but were beaten by Fireworks in the Second Semi Final. Winning the Preliminary Final, a rematch was set up. Waves were behind for most of the day, hitting the front during the last quarter. In a high standard match they ran out winners by 3.

Malvern Waves u13/1 Premiers Winter 2015

Malvern Storm u15/4 52 d Mt Waverley Stars 12

Storm had a great season, finishing on top of the ladder, with only one loss.They started the match brilliantly and continued in the same vein to record a convincing win.

Malvern Storm u15/4 Winter Premiers 2015

Malvern Tremors u15/3 25 d Ashburton Sapphires 16

Tremors finished on top of the ladder, having been undefeated.They started well, were never headed and kept their undefeated record intact with a 9 goal victory.

Malvern Tremors u15/3 Premiers 2015

Malvern Avalanches u15/2 21 d Hartwell Swans 20

Avalanches finished 3rd on the ladder and won their way through to the Grand Final. This team has had a history of very close Grand Finals, some of which have needed extra time to decide the result. This was no different. Avalanches led all day, getting out to a lead of 6, but Hartwell came home with a rush. The final siren saw Avalanches victorious by the most slender of margins.

Malvern Avalanches u15/2 Premiers Winter 2015

Malvern Thunder u17/5 18 lost to Holy Family Crystals 32

Unfortunately, Thunder had a slightly depleted lineup for this match. Holy Family started in a dominant fashion, leading by 8 at quarter time. This set the tone of the match, with Holy Family running out winners by 14.

Malvern Gales u17/3 27 d St Mary's Cyclones 26

Gales had finished 2nd on the ladder with St Mary's on top. The game was a close one. the scores never differing by more than 3. Gales trailed for most of the match, but a long shot scored with about 45 seconds to go saw them in front when it mattered most.

Malvern Glaciers u17/2 21 d Ashwood Tigers 18

Glaciers had finished as Minor Premiers and won through to the Grand Final via the Second Semi Final.They led all day and although Ashwood were closing the gap towards the end of the game, Glaciers held on to win their second Premiership in a row, having won in Spring 2014.

Malvern Hurricanes U19/1 22 lost to Ashburton Blaze 38

Hurricanes came up against a slick, skillful Ashburton Blaze who had finished well clear on top of the ladder at the end of the Home and Away season.

Congratulations to all Premiership Players, and well done to all Malvern Players who represented the club during Winter 2015!

Kalkaringi Tournament Sunday Sept 13 2015

2015 Spring Preliminary Finals Results

Malvern had 4 teams competing in Preliminary Finals on Saturday December 5.

The conditions were hot and humid, and some games were brought forward to earlier time slots to avoid the heat.

u13/6 Malvern Whirlwinds 19 d Malvern Cyclones 7

u15/2 Ashburton Sapphires 19 d Malvern Storm 17

u17/2 St Mary's Cyclones 27 d Malvern Gales 16

Whirlwinds progress to the Grand Final

2015 Spring Grand Finals Fixture

3 Malvern Teams in Grand Finals this Saturday Dec 12 2015

There are three Malvern teams that will contest Grand Finals this Saturday, December 12 2015.

At 10.50am Malvern Whirlwinds will play PLC Tigers

At 12noon Malvern Waves will play St Mary's Fireworks

At 2.30pm Malvern Tremors will play Ashburton Sapphires.

Good luck to each of these teams!

Go Malvern!