2014 Winter Round 6 update.

Six rounds of the winter home and away season have been completed and 10 of the 16 Malvern teams that play in sections that have finals are in the four.

Saturday was very wet, but the majority of games were played.Here is a rundown of this week's results.

u13/1 Storm were washed out and are 1st on the ladder

u13/1 Tremors were wahed out and are 3rd.

u13/4 Snowflakes won 10 to 5 and are 2nd

u13/4 Hailstones lost 3 to 10 and are 6th

u13/5 Waves had a bye and are 1st

u13/6 Tornadoes won 10 to 8 and are 4th

u15/1 Blizzards lost 19 to 24 and are 6th

u15/2 Thunder lost 6 to 19 and are 6th

u15/3 Gales won 23 to 17 and are 3rd

u15/5 Avalanches won 30 to 15 and are 2nd

u15/6 Flames won 29 to 10 and are 1st

u15/7 Frostbites were washed out and are 3rd

u17/2 Hurricanes won 27 t0 24 and are 2nd

u17/3 Glaciers won 19 to 7 and are 7th

u19/1 Scorchers lost 22 to 35 and are 6th

Open 1 Breakers lost 12 to 23 and are 4th

Good luck to all teams as they progress through the season.

Go Malvern!

Winter 2014 Round 12 Update

With just two rounds remaining in the home and away season, Malvern has 10 of a possible 16 teams in the top four and looking to play finals.

The summary of the teams' postions are as follows...

Storm u/13 1 are 2nd on the ladder

Tremors u/13 1 are 4th

Snowflakes u/13 4 are 5th

Hailstones u/13 4 are 6th

Waves u13/5 are 1st

Tornadoes u13/6 are 3rd

Blizzards u15/1 are 5th

Thunder u15/2 are 6th

Gales u15/3 are 1st

Avalanches u15/5 are 1st

Flames u15/6 are 1st

Frostbites u15/7 are 3rd

Hurricanes u17/2 are 2nd

Glaciers u17/3 are 7th

Scorchers u19/1 are 6th

Breakers Open 1 are 4th.

Good luck to all 20 Malvern teams for the rest of the season.

Go Malvern!

2014 Winter Finals Fixture

10 Teams Are in Finals This Weekend

The teams that have made the finals are

Storm u/13 1 finished 2nd on the ladder

Tremors u/13 1 finished 4th

Waves u/13 5 1st

Tornadoes u/13 6 4th

Gales u/15 3 1st

Avalanches u/15 4 1st

Flames u/15 6 1st

Frostbites u/15 7 3rd

Hurricanes u/17 2 2nd

Breakers Open 1 4th

The teams that have finished first or second play this week in the Second Semi Final, with the winners of these games progressing to the Grand Final, the losers moving on to the Preliminary Final.

The teams that have finished 3rd or 4th are playing in the First Semi Final. The winner of this game will progress to the preliminary final, with the loser bowing out.

Go Malvern!

Five Malvern Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday!

Malvern has five teams vying for premiership honours this Saturday, August 16 2014.

Playing in grand finals are;

Malvern Waves u13/5 play at 10.50am

Malvern Flames u15/6 at 12 noon

Malvern Avalanches u15/5 at 12 noon

Malvern Gales u15/3 at 1.15pm

Malvern Hurricanes u17/2 at 2.30pm

Each of these teams would welcome your support.

Go Malvern!

2014 Winter Grand Finals Results

Malvern teams win 5 Premierships from 5 Grand Finals!

16th August, 2014

Malvern Waves u13/5 24 d St Michael's Storm 19.

In their first opportunity to play finals, Waves found themselves in the Grand Final having won the Second Semi-Final two weeks earlier. They started well and were in front at each break. Having lead at one stage by 8, they ran out eventual winners by 5.

Malvern Flames u15/6 22 d Sacre Coeur Diamonds 19.

Flames had finished first on the ladder at the end of the home and away season. They trailed by 4 at quarter time, 3 at half time, and 4 at three quarter time, but a blistering final quarter in which they outscored their opponents by 7 saw them to victory.

Malvern Avalanches u15/5 26 d Lloyd St Lasers 22.

Avalanches had been undefeated through the home and away season and the finals series, but were behind 3-8 at quarter time. They fought back to be down by 1 at half time, but for the rest of the match the scores were never more than 1 the difference either way. Full time saw scores level, so it was on to extra time. Two three minute halves saw the teams still locked together. Another period of extra time saw Avalanches finally break free to win 26 to 22 and retain their undefeated record. Flames having already finished, a large crowd had gathered around the court to watch the closing stages and this contributed to the overall excitement.

Malvern Gales u15/3 37 d Essex Heights Sparrows 27

Gales had had a great season after being regraded, being undefeated in the home and away season.They started well, lead for the whole game and were leading at one stage by 12.

Malvern Hurricanes u17/2 33 d St Benedict's Angels 27.

Hurricanes had been beaten in the second-semi final by St Benedict's and were hopeful of turning the tables in the grand final. Their start was just as they wanted and lead for the whole match before running out victors by 6.

Congratulations to all 20 Malvern teams on a fantastic Winter Season.

Spring Netball starts September 6.

See you all then!

Go Malvern!

Malvern Waves - WDNA u13/5 Winter 2014 Premiers

Malvern Avalanches - WDNA u15/5 Winter 2014 Premiers

2014 Spring Finals Series Introduction

2014 Spring Finals Start This Saturday

10 Malvern teams will participate in the 2014 Spring Finals Series commencing Saturday Dec 6.

Teams that finished on top of the ladder go directly to the Grand Final on Dec 13.

The Malvern teams that finished in first position are...

Tornadoes u13/7

Gales u15/2

Flames u15/6

Seven other teams finished 2nd or 3rd on the ladder and will play Saturday Dec 6, competing for the right to play off in the Grand Final next week.

These teams are...

Tremors u13/1 finished 2nd on the ladder and play at 12 noon

Waves u13/4 3rd 12 noon

Snowflakes u13/5 2nd 12 noon

Hailstones u13/6 2nd 12 noon

Thunder u15/3 2nd 1.15pm

Glaciers u17/3 2nd 2.30pm

Breakers Open 1 2nd 4.00pm

Best of luck to all teams.

Go Malvern!

2014 Spring Grand Finals Fixture

Malvern Has Five Teams In Grand Finals This Saturday

Malvern has five teams attempting to win Spring Premierships this Saturday, December 13 2014. They are

Malvern Tornadoes u13/7 play at 10.50am

Malvern Hailstones u13/6 at 12 noon.

Malvern Flames u15/6 at 1.15pm.

Malvern Gales u15/2 at 2.30pm.

Malvern Glaciers u17/3 at 2.30pm.

We wish each of these teams all the best.

For more information go to www.wdna.com.au

Go Malvern!

2014 Spring Grand Final Results

Malvern Teams Win 3 Premierships - Dec 13 2014

Five Malvern teams contested Spring Grand Finals on Saturday, December 13 2014

Tornadoes u13/7 lost to St Cecilia's Comets 6 - 16

Hailstones u13/6 defeated PLC Blues 19 - 14

Flames u15/6 defeated PLC Blaze 20-19

Gales u15/2 lost to Lloyd St Lightning 21 - 35

Glaciers u17/3 defeated Lloyd St Lynx 15 - 14

Malvern Hailstones WDNA u13/6 Spring 2014 Premiers

Malvern Flames - WDNA u15/6 Spring 2014 Premiers

Malvern Glaciers - WDNA u17/3 Spring 2014 Premiers