2013 Winter Finals Series is Looming

Of the 15 teams that are eligible to play finals, Malvern has 10 teams in the top four and looking to battle it out for the premiership in August. There are three rounds to go in the home and away season.

They are


Flames 2nd on the ladder

Avalanches 1st

Frostbites 3rd

Tremors 4th

Storm 2nd


Blizzards 4th

Gales 3rd


Typhoons 1st


Twisters 3rd

Scorchers 1st

2013 Winter Home and Away Summary

The home and away season is over and Malvern has 10 of a possible 15 teams qualified to play finals. They are

u13/1 Flames finished 1st

u13/2 Avalanches 1st

u13/3 Frostbites 2nd

u13/5 Storm 2nd

u15/2 Gales 3rd

u15/3 Glaciers 4th

u17/5 Typhoons 2nd

u19/2 Twisters 4th

u19/3 Scorchers 1st

Open 2 Breakers 4th

Good luck to all these teams on Saturday.

2013 Winter Semi Finals Results

Semi Finals decided, Saturday August 3rd.

Having lost Elimination Finals, Breakers (Open 2), Twisters (u19/2) and Glaciers (u15/3) are each eliminated.

Typhoons (u17/5),Flames (u13/1) and Avalanches (u13/2) each lost Qualifying Finals and will play off next week for the chance to play in Grand Finals.

Gales (u15/2) won their Elimination Final and will play next week for the chance to play in a Grand Final.

Scorchers (u19/3),Frostbites (u13/3) and Storm (u13/5) each won Qualifying Finals and go straight through to Grand Finals to played on August 17.

Well done to all teams, and good luck to those Malvern teams still in the race for a premiership.

Go Malvern!

2013 Winter Grand Finals Fixtures

6 Malvern Teams in Grand Finals This Saturday!

Malvern Netball Club has six teams playing in Grand Finals this Saturday, August 17 2013. They are :

u13/5 Storm at 10.50am

u13/3 Frostbites at 12 noon

u13/2 Avalanches at 12 noon

u13/1 Flames at 12 noon

u17/5 Typhoons at 1.15pm

u19/3 Scorchers at 2.30pm

Each of these teams would be grateful for any support they may be able to receive.

Good luck to them all.

Go Malvern!

2013 Winter Grand Finals Results

Malvern Wins 4 Premierships. Two Teams Miss Narrowly.

With 6 teams playing in Grand Finals, hopes were high as a clear, blustery day dawned on Saturday, August 17 2013.

Storm, u/13 5, played a tight match against Mt Waverley Stars in which the scores were tied at the end of regular time.Two 3 minute periods of extra time failed to separate the teams. and a further period of play which would end when one team had an advantage of 2 goals, was played. Unfortunately, after another ten minutes of play, it was Mount Waverley Stars that came out on top. The match went for 1hr 10 minutes.The final score was 18-20.

Frostbites, u/13 3, also played a tight game against Korowa Cosmos. Although Frostbites led early, they were 2 behind at three-quarter time and this was the final margin, 13-15.

Avalanches, u/13 2, were also tied at the end of regular time,26-26, in their match against Essex Heights Sparrows. Avalanches were able to draw away in extra time and won by 3 goals, 32-29.

Flames, u/13 1, were behind by 5 goals at half time in their match against Hartwell Lyrebirds, but a dominant second half by Flames saw them run out comfortable winners, 28-19.

Typhoons, u/17 5 led all day against Korowa Comets, extending their lead at each change.The final score was 25-11.

Scorchers,u/19 3 were the dominant team in their section all year and triumphed in their Grand Final against Camberwell United All-Stars 18-13.

All in all, a great day.Thanks to all of the great supporters who cheered on our teams

6 Grand Finallist teams, the most of any WDNA club. Four Premierships.

Go Malvern!

2013 Spring - Two Weeks to go

Two Weeks Left in Spring Season...13 Teams Still In With A Chance!

With 2 weeks of Home and Away games left in Spring Season, 13 of 16 Malvern teams that compete in competitions that have finals series are still in contention. The finals series in Spring is contested by the top 3 teams at the end of the 10 Home and Away games.

The teams that are still in contention are

u/13 1 Flames are in fourth position on the ladder, but still have a chance of making the final 3.

u/13 2 Avalanches are 3rd on the ladder

u/13 4 Tremors are 3rd

u/13 4 Storm are 4th, and still have a chance of making the finals

u/13 9 Heat are 2nd

u/15 2 Gales are 2nd

u/15 3 Thunder are 2nd

u/15 4 Glaciers are 4th on the ladder but still have a chance

u/15 4 Blizzards are 5th but still have a chance

u/17 4 Hurricanes are 1st

u/17 4 Typhoons are 3rd and will make the finals

u/19 1 Scorchers are 5th but still have a chance

Open 2 Breakers are 3rd and will make the finals

Here's hoping that each of these teams makes the most of their opportunities over the next two weeks.

Go Malvern!

2013 Spring Grand Finals Fixture

Malvern has four teams vying for premierships this Saturday, December 14 2013. Playing in Grand Finals are ;

Malvern Gales u15/2 play at 1.15pm

Malvern Thunder u15/3 play at 1.15pm

Malvern Hurricanes u17/4 play at 2.30pm

Malvern Breakers Open 2 play at 3.45pm.

Each of these teams would welcome your support.

Go Malvern!